Fred Ingrams

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A Year in the Fens

No part of the country can be isolated into a weekend or judged by a season, least of all the Fens. After weeks of rain during sugar-beet lifting even the most ardent Fen-lover will find the world muddy and miserable. In winter the winds from the north-east will be fierce and pitiless, throwing invisible needles of ice into your eyes until your cheeks crack with the tributaries of your tears. But in May, when the rising mists of evening hover white and milky over young spring wheat the Fens will feel as calm as a cathedral. In summertime with the smell of meadowsweet at Wyken and the gold-rush of harvest it can be as perfect as Eden.”

Edward Storey – Portrait of the Fen Country, 1971 

I have been painting the Fens for over ten years and in that time have found that there are certain places I want to paint over and over again. These are places that are changed dramatically by farmers ploughing, sowing and harvesting the land as well as by the seasons. The combination of the rotating crops and the changing weather allows me to come back to the same view countless times. Each time I find something new to paint.

There are times of the year when I know that a particular crop will be at its best. I have therefore become very aware that my year is now inextricably linked to the farmers in the Fens. This symbiotic relationship gives each year a rhythm and a pace that with time has become the timetable of my work.

This last year the ‘beast from the east’ brought snow which has been followed by one of the hottest and driest summers I can remember. The contrast between the seasons could not have been greater. I hope this exhibition captures the extraordinary changes and moods of a landscape that continuously inspires me to paint.

Fred Ingrams – October 2018

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Friday 5th – Saturday 20th October 2017 , 11- 4pm

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